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TSI Quest™ Sound Detector SD-200

TSI Quest™ Sound Detector SD-200

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The TSI Quest™ Sound Detector SD-200 is a compact, lightweight sound level meter designed for measurement of workplace and community noise levels. The design of Sound Detector SD-200 makes it easy for users to measure sound levels and help users determine the attenuation of hearing protection that may be required. 

The Sound Detector SD-200 includes key features for the assessment of workplace noise levels, including integration which computes the average sound pressure level. In addition, the SD-200 has LED indicators that flash green, yellow and/or red when preset thresholds have been reached. The rechargeable lithium polymer battery helps to lower the total cost of ownership versus other sound level meters that use replaceable batteries.

Kit Includes
- Meter
- USB Cable
- Windscreen
- Product manual on USB

Industry Applications
- Construction
- General Industry
- Manufacturing
- Power Generation 
- Transportation

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Calibration and Repair Services

Calibration services are done in Absolute Laboratories Pte Ltd which is an ISO/IEC 17025 SAC-SINGLAS Accredited Calibration Laboratory. Our service team will calibrates, repairs and replaces faulty parts to keep the turnaround time as short as possible. 

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  • Application Type:  Area Monitoring (Sound Level Meter)
  • Battery Life:  50 hours
  • Battery Type:  Rechargeable
  • Weighting:  A, C
  • Data Logging:  No
  • Intrinsic Safety:  No
  • Measurement Parameters:  Lavg/Leq, LED Alert, Max, Min, SPL
  • Measurement Range:  45 to 130 dB
  • Microphone Class/Type:  Type 2
  • Net Weight (Metric):  113.4 g
  • Time Response:  Fast or Slow
  • Part Number: