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TSI Quest EVM Environmental Monitors EVM-7

TSI Quest EVM Environmental Monitors EVM-7

The TSI Quest EVM Environmental Monitors EVM-7 monitors both particulates and air quality in one compact instrument. The EVM-7 provides a lower cost of ownership by combining three instruments into one.

  • Base model with Particulate sensor, PID (ppm) sensor, CO2 sensor, (2) 37 mm gravimetric filter cassettes and standard accessories
  • Simultaneous measurement of particulate and CO2, VOC, Temperature and Relative Humidity concentrations
  • Dial-in rotary impactor
  • 90 degree light scattering photometer

1.Built-in sampling pump allows to capture particulates for laboratory testing
2.Time history data and data logging feature for enhanced reporting and measurement

Suitable Applications:

  • IAQ Complaint Investigation and Mitigation
  • Air Exchange Rate Measurement
  • HVAC System Performance Monitoring
  • HVAC System Balancing
  • Mold Investigation and Remediation

This durable, easy-to-use model provides simultaneous worksite monitoring of: particulate mass concentrations (0.1-10 um), select volatile organic compounds, select toxic gases, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature and air velocity (with purchase of optional accessory). The EVM-7 includes base model with PID (ppm) Sensor, CO2 Sensor, one Dummy Sensor (used to seal socket when no sensor is present), two 37mm Gravimetric Filter Cassettes (for pump protection; one in unit and one spare), 53-263 12V DC Universal Input Power Supply, 53-575 USB Cable, 100-456 Silicone Dielectric Grease for Impactors, 74-080 PID Cleaning , 74-090 10 pack Pump Protection Filters, 74-720 Dust Zero Calibration Filter Assembly, 74-726 Toxic Calibration Adapter and 74-718 Storage Case.


  • Air Velocity :  Yes
  • Battery Life :  8 hours
  • Battery Type :  Rechargeable
  • Data Logging :  Yes
  • Measurement Parameters :  TWA,‎ STEL,‎ Max,‎ Level,‎ Avg,‎ Min
  • Net Weight :  18 kg
  • Product Series :  EVM
  • Product Type :  Kits,‎ Particulate and Air Quality Monitor
  • Sensor Type :  Included Sensors: Relative Humidity, Temperature, CO2, CO, Particulates, PID ppm Available Sensors: O2, H2S, NO, NO2, HCN, EtO, CL2, S02, PID ppb, Air Velocity
  • Part Number: