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MR30003C is a compact vibration/motion measurement system built in a rugged SYSCOM RED BOX.

Due to its design and reliability, the MR3003C is an efficient vibration solution for different temporary and fixed measurements in the civil engineering and strong-motion surveys.


Earthquake Engineering
• Building Monitoring – Monitoring of Structure (Dams, Bridges and etc) 

• Soil Characterization

Earth Science
• Earthquake Monitoring (seismic intensity)
• Continuous data stream in MiniSeed/ SeedLink format


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  • IP65 compact unit containing sensor, digital recorder and communications
  • Internal or external sensor
  • Triaxial geophone or accelerometer available
  • External battery pack (Optional)
  • External display showing the most important information
  • Removable memory SD Card
  • Precise timing (GPS or NTP)
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • Wired & wireless connectivity
  • Embedded 3G/4G module
  • Embedded Web Server for the configuration
  • Event recording principle with multiple level triggers
  • DDNS, OpenVPN, FTP push network capabilities
  • Continous background recording
  • Automatic sending of SMS and E-mail in case of event
  • Part Number: