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Sensidyne Nephelometer - Aerosol Monitor

Sensidyne Nephelometer - Aerosol Monitor

Real-time Dust Monitor for Measuring Total Suspended Particulate

Accurate Dust Concentration

Proprietary algorithm provides accurate dust concentration. The sheath air feature prevents internal contamination and improves accuracy.


Temperature compensated, durable housing and minimal moving parts ensure reliability.

Highly Portable

All-in-one handheld instrument with long-life batteries that fully charge in less than 3 hours, an internal log-life pump, and one-hand operation.

Facility Monitoring

Easy to use software allows programming unique environmental profiles and recording sample data.

Common Applications

  • Industrial/Occupational Hygiene Area Surveys
  • Particulate Matter Studies
  • Immediate spot measurement
  • Aerosol Research Studies

About the Nephelometer Aerosol Monitor

The Sensidyne Nephelometer is an advanced real-time dust monitor (aerosol monitor) accurately measuring dust concentrations using proven light scatter technology. This portable instrument accurately measures and records dust from 1-10,000 μg/m3 with resolution to 1 μg/m3. Sample modes are selectable between 60 second sample, 15 minute STEL, or continuous sampling.

The Nephelometer has an internal pump drawing samples into the iso-kinetic sampling inlet where they meet sheath air that guides samples past the particle sensor. The sensor is a photo detector that measures laser light scattered by particulates in the sample stream. The instrument multiplies each measurement by a K-factor and displays the real-time reading on the display of the instrument. After each sample, the K-factor and Environmental Factor Name and STEL, maximum, minimum, and average readings record to the internal data log. When connected to a computer the instrument uploads up to 4,000 data-log records in spreadsheet format.

In addition to high sensitivity and ease-of-use the Sensidyne Nephelometer offers a low cost of ownership, automatic power save, long-life, data-logging, facility monitoring features, and user-replaceable filters. The Sensidyne Nephelometer is a competitive, well priced alternative to high priced aerosol monitors.

Sensidyne Nephelometer Competitive Advantages

  • Sheath Air
  • Instant Readings
  • Highly Sensitive
  • Data Logging
  • Extremely Portable
  • Low Cost-of-Ownership
  • Long-life Internal Pump
  • Site Monitoring PC Program
  • Selectable Sample Modes
  • Automatic Power Save



  • Measurement Method :  Light scatter
  • Sample Method  :   Pump sample draw
  • Range  :   0.1 – 10,000 μg/m3
  • Sample Options  :   1 minute, Continuous, or 15 min STEL
  • Resolution  :   1 μg/m3
  • Data logging  :   4000 records of STEL, Max, Min and average reading and k-factor


  • Temperature Ranges
  • Operating  :   32°F to 122°F (0°C to 50°C)
  • Storage  :   -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)


  • Display  :   2 line, 16-character LCD
  • Controls  :   2-button
  • Logging  :   4000 Record memory
  • Dimensions  :   3.75W x 6.75H x 2.0D inches 9.5W x 17.2H x 5.1D cm
  • Weight  :   24 oz. (0.67 kg)


  • Light Source  :   Laser diode
  • Power  :   7.2V Lithium Ion self-contained battery pack providing 30 hours of typical intermittent operation and up to 12 hours continuous use.
  • Charger  :   100-240VAC Lithium Ion Charger 8.4VDC @ 1500mA typical.
  • Charging Time  :   Less than 3 hours
  • Communications  :   USB Mini BType
  • Standard Calibration  :   Arizona Road Dust. K-factors allow direct reading of other substances.
  • Supplied  :   Operation manual, Charger with power cord, zero cap, spare filter,    software and USB cable.
  • Optional  :   Carrying case and Rubber Protective Boot

Safety Conformity 

  • FDA / CDRH This product is tested and complies with 21 CFR, Subchapter J, of the health and Safety Act of 1968.
  • European Community (CE) Directive 89/336/EEC EN 55011 Group 1, Class B (Emissions) and EN 55082-1 (Immunity)
  • IEC 60825-1 Ed.1.1 (1998-01)
  • EN 60825-1 W/A11 (1996)
  • US 21 CFR 1040.10
  • Part Number: