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Polyurethane Foam (PUF) high volume air sampler

Polyurethane Foam (PUF) high volume air sampler

The PUF high volume air sampler collects airborne particulate and vapour contaminants.  These samplers are typically used to collect volatile organic compounds and airborne pesticides.  The system incorporates a dual sampling module to collect airborne particulates onto the filter paper media and the vapour elements onto a piece of polyurethane foam in the lower chamber of the sampling module.  These systems are designed to meet the requirements described for sampling using US EPA method TO-4A, TO-9A, and TO-13A.

The Polyurethane Foam Sampler is classified as a high volume air sampler for the collection of airborne volatile organic compounds and particulate matter.  This sampler operates between 125-250 lpm and uses either a manual motor speed controller or the Tisch Environmental PLUS controller to control the flow rate.  The flow is pulled through a critical orifice with either a brushless or brush style vacuum blower motor assembly which is used to control and calculate the ambient flow rate.  Housed in a robust aluminium shelter, the PUF sampler is built to withstand harsh conditions and provide accurate and reliable results.


Standard PUF air samplers use a manual motor speed adjustment device to control the motor speed. These instruments are housed in an anodized aluminium shelter that houses the timer, magnehelic gauge, vacuum motor, elapsed time indicator, flow venturi, and dual sampling module.

PUF PLUS Controller

The PUF PLUS system is the most advanced PUF sampler on the market.  It utilizes a microprocessor based controller for instantaneous and accurate flow control.  The systems built in temperature and barometric pressure sensors along with the microprocessor based flow controller that allows the system to accurately calculate the flow rate.  The PLUS technology flow controllers include a built in digital timer with internal battery backup, multiple elapsed time indicators, and four data logs with an external USB drive for data retrieval.  The system data logs record the average, minimum, and maximum ambient temperature and barometric pressure as well as the total ambient and standard flow rate.  These PLUS technology flow controllers also include an auto calibration feature which eliminates the need for lengthy field calibration and manual flow rate calculations.

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