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Instantel Minimate Pro6™ Vibration and overpressure monitor

Instantel Minimate Pro6™ Vibration and overpressure monitor

The Minimate Pro6™ Vibration and overpressure monitor offer advanced monitoring technology with unequalled durability.

  • Six recording channels with your choice of two triaxial geophones (ISEE or DIN) or one triaxial geophone and an ISEE microphone.
  • Dedicated function keys and intuitive menu enable quick and easy setup.
  • Sample rates from 512 to 65 S/s per channel, independent of record times.
  • Continuous monitoring means zero dead time between events, even while the unit is processing.
  • Instantel Histogram Combo™ mode allows capturing thousands of full waveform records while simultaneously recording in histogram mode. Minimate Pro6 seismograph with Geophone & Microphone
  • Auto Call Home™ feature automates remote monitoring applications.
  • Non-volatile memory with standard 7100-plus event storage capacity.
  • Records full waveform events over two hours long.
  • Fully compliant with the International Society of Explosives Engineers "Performance Specifications for Blasting Seismographs."
  • Ethernet® interface for high speed communications and data transfer. (Auto Call Home™ is not supported over the Ethernet)



  • 6-Channel data acquisition
  • Blast-monitoring for compliance
  • Pile driving
  • Construction activity
  • Demolition activity
  • Heavy transportation monitoring
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Structural analysis
  • Remote monitoring


  • Ethernet® interface when connected directly to the unit (Auto Call Home is not supported over the Ethernet)
  • Auto Call Home™ remote monitoring function
  • Cast aluminium case
  • Water resistant to IPC67 – submerse to 30 cm (1 ft.) for 24 hours
  • Compliant to CE Class B - Meets or exceeds RF and EMI requirements
  • Sensor Check for automatic error checking 



  • 6 Channels  :  Microphone and Triaxial Geophone or two Triaxial Geophones
  • Memory  :  7,100 plus events
  • Record Modes  :  Manual, Continuous, Histogram, Instantel Histogram Combo, and VDV –Vibration Dose Value (optional) 
  • Sample Rates  :  512 to 65,536 S/s per channel
  • Dimensions  :  254 X 117 X 108 mm (10.0 X 4.6 X 4.25 in) 
  • Weight  :  2.27 kg (5 lbs)
  • User Interface  :  10 domed tactile keys
  • Part Number: