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Instantel Micromate Vibration and Overpressure Monitor

Instantel Micromate Vibration and Overpressure Monitor

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With Micromate, Instantel has redefined industry standards for functionality and ease of use. Micromate provides reliable regulatory compliance monitoring with an ISEE or DIN Triaxial Geophone and ISEE Linear Microphone or Sound Level Microphone.  Small enough to fit in your hand, Micromate is the first monitor in the industry to provide a touch screen interface. Support of USB 2.0 allows use of memory sticks and approved external devices such as USB hubs, modems, printers and GPS (sold separately). Ruggedness and reliability are the cornerstone attributes of Instantel products.


  • Blast monitoring for compliance
  • Near-field blast monitoring
  • Pile driving monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Heavy transportation monitoring
  • Tunnel and subway monitoring
  • Bridge monitoring
  • Remote access monitoring
  • Dynamic compaction activity
  • Construction activity
  • Demolition activity
  • Structural monitoring and analysis


  • USB 2.0 with Host and Device support
  • USB support for memory sticks, and Instantel compatible field printer, modem and GPS devices (sold separately)
  • Synchronizes Class 1 noise monitoring and vibration data on the same monitoring unit
  • Large, high resolution, colour graphics touch screen. Easy to read and navigate menu structure
  • Context Sensitive Icons: Icons are only shown if they are relevant to what you are doing
  • Short Cut Icons: Fast, one touch access to the most commonly used features
  • Integrated Keypad: Large 10-key interface with dedicated function keys
  • Supports Instantel Auto Call Home for remote automated data reporting/transmission
  • Monitor Scheduler: Assign different setup files, scheduled self checks, scheduled Auto Call Home times and when to start and stop monitoring
  • Small enough to be hand-held
  • Rugged and reliable: Field rugged and durable design with a fully sealed top panel, non–corrosive connectors, and sealed electronics to enhance water resistance
  • Storage capacity for 1,000 events (additional capacity optional)
  • Printer for immediate in-field printing of reports (sold separately)
  • 10 day battery life (standard), 15 days (optional)



  • 4 Channels  :  Microphone and Triaxial Geophone (ISEE or DIN)
  • Geophone Range  :  Up to 254 mm/s (10 in/s)
  • Geophone Resolution  :  0.00788 mm/s (0.00031 in/s)
  • Frequency Range  :  2 to 250 Hz, within zero to -3 dB of an ideal flat response/1 to 315Hz
  • Geophone Accuracy  :  +/-5% or 0.5 mm/s (0.02 in/s), whichever is larger, between 4 and 125 Hz / DIN 45669-1 Standard
  • Memory Store  :  1000 Events
  • Record Modes  :  Waveform, Waveform Manual and Instantel® Histogram Combo
  • Sample Rates  :  1,024, 2,048, 4,096 KHz S/s per channel (independent of record time)
  • Unit Dimensions  :  101.6 x 135.1 x 44.5 mm (4.15 x 5.32 x 1.75 in)
  • Unit Weight  :  0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)
  • User Interface  :  10 domed tactile keys, colour touch screen, and full display keyboard with dedicated icons for common functions
  • Part Number: