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BGI tetraCal Air Flow Calibrator

BGI tetraCal Air Flow Calibrator

BGI tetraCal Air Flow Calibrator

The BGI tetraCal® is a simple-to-use, NIST Traceable Standard for volumetric air flow, barometric pressure, and ambient temperature. The tetraCal is a venturi based system with built-in compensation for changes in ambient temperature and pressure. All tetraCal systems are built and tested at Mesa which is both a NIST traceable Calibration Laboratory and an ISO 17025 facility.

  To use the tetraCal®, simply connect the tetraCal® and the sampling instrument with tubing and media, inline. The tetraCal® immediately begins providing the flow rate and ambient condition data on the screen. Using the optional external temperature probe accessory, the tetraCal can perform speciation sampler audits as documented by the EPA. The higher flow Ultra Model allows for calibration of European standard PM samplers.

  • Calibration of particulate samplers and industrial hygiene
  • Total flow range of 0.1 to 30 LPM
  • Ultra model provides flow range of 1 to 60 LPM
  • NIST-traceable accuracy 1% of flow reading
  • Continuous uninterrupted output display of all parameters


  • Calibration of environmental and industrial hygiene air-sampling instruments
  • Calibration and audits of speciation and particulate samplers to U.S. EPA requirements
  • May be used on any sampler in the 0.1 – 60 LPM range
  • Usable in field or laboratory
  • Suitable for calibration of cascade impactors


  • Simple ON/OFF operation — all data displayed on screen automatically
  • Venturi-based calibrator
  • Portable
  • 20 hour battery life (4-AA)
  • Furnished with universal power supply (120/240 VAC)
  • Download feature with supplied software



  • Flow Rate Range : 0.1-30 LPM (tetraCal TC5), 1 – 60 LPM (tetraCal Ultra TC14), 1-60 LPM (actual volumetric reading)
  • Temp Operational Range : -30oC to 55oC
  • Temp Reading Range : -30oC to 55oC
  • Temp Reading Precision : 0.5oC
  • Barometric Pressure Range : 400 – 800 mmHg (534 – 1066 millibars)
  • Dimensions of Control Module : 1.59 in. high (4.04 cm) X 3.9 in. wide (9.91 cm) X 7.7 in. long (19.61 cm) Height with venturi and hose adaptor 6.30 in (16.00cm)
  • Weight with Venturi : 7.4 oz (209 g)
  • Dimensions of Carrying Case : 15.75 in. wide (40.00 cm) X 4.5 in. high (11.43 cm) X 12.25 in. thick (31.20 cm)
  • Weight Complete with Contents : 4.69 lbs (2.13 kg)
  • Part Number: