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airthinx IAQ

airthinx IAQ

Airthinx’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) monitor is the first Internet of things (IoT) device that delivers simultaneous real-time measurements of Particles (PM 1, PM 2.5, and PM 10), Gasses (VOCs, CO2, and CH2O), and Environmental Conditions (Temperature, Humidity, and Pressure) with the level of accuracy of an industry standard reference instrument, at a fraction of the cost. The portable monitor packs all of these sophisticated features into a modern lightweight product designed to work right out of the box—no need for configuration. Once mounted to any wall, it is always connected to the cloud and provides the user with access to all their data anytime, anywhere directly from the web.


On-Site Air Quality Display


(Source: https://airthinx.io/solutions/offices)

We enable businesses to visualize the quality of the on-site air by monitoring, analyzing, and displaying all the key components that effect our health in every indoor space. Our visual tools can be displayed in every location to assure full transparency to employees, building owners and other occupants of your space. 

A convenient instrument for assessing indoor air quality (IAQ) at residences, offices, schools, clinics & more...   

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  Youtube Video demonstration (3:43) by Airthinx


For users who want to integrate AirThinx data. API are available.


 For examples for Airthinx API, kindly check out this link
Airthinx API documentation version v1

• Compact size - can be placed anywhere
• Cutting-Edge lab calibrated sensors for detecting key air quality parameters
• Continuous operation – monitoring and reporting 24/7
• Enterprise-secure connectivity – operations without the need for a local network
• Coverage ~ 1000 sqft of space per monitor
• Interconnectivity – for collecting and processing data in larger areas
• AI and ML - for accurate & reliable data acquisition and analytics
• Built-in Global SIM for deployment anywhere in the world


What does airthinx monitor?

  • PM1
  • PM2.5
  • PM10
  • CO2
  • tVOCs
  • CH2O
  • Temperature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity