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Absolute Noise Barrier Sheet

Absolute Noise Barrier Sheet

Noise Barrier Sheet is a high tech acoustic screen that has been designed, developed and tested by Japan. They are installed to help the contractors to resuce noise to an acceptable level.

Noise Barriers are installed to protect public health, reduce noise pollution and help companies to contribute to sustainability. It also help the contractors comply with NEA’s Boundary Noise Limits by reducing noise to an acceptable level, avoiding disputes with nearby residents and lawsuit or heavy fine (up to S$40 000) for contractors who fail to comply with NEA’s noise requirements.

Model: ANB-F-500
Size: (W) 1800mm x (L) 3400mm
Weight:Approx 3.4kg
Color: Grey

Model: ANB-F-1200
Size: (W) 1800mm x (L) 3400mm
Weight:Approx 10kg
Color: Grey

- Designed, developed and tested by Japan
- Resistant to dirt
- PVC coated tarpaulin with flame retardant

Sound Transmission Test Report 
Report: Sound Transmission Class of this specimen is 15dB


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  • Sound Block
  • Sound Absorption
  • Waterproof
  • Fire Rating Class A (ATSM E84-19b)
  • UV resistance
  • Easy installation